Sunday, April 12, 2009

Books, fruit bouqet, and Easter activities

Wednesday afternoon Elisabeth went to a friends house to play, so I took Charlie and Annabelle to DI in search of a book to put in Elisabeth's Easter basket(I already had one for Charles that I got the week before). Charlie's book that I found at Ross was about $3. At DI I got 8 books all in really great condition, plus two coloring/work books all for $3.75! I love finding great deals! We'll take the coloring/work books with us on our flight to NC this month.
Wednesday night, the Miamaids from church ( I think they're 16ish in age) Easter-egged our house. Thursday morning the kids went around and collected the eggs. 12 of the eggs were numbered and went to an Easter story that they left at our door. This was really cool and it helped our kids better understand the true meaning of Easter. In each of the 12 eggs was a scripture that went with a little symbolic item(ie. sacrament cup, spices, red cloth, nails etc.).

Thursday, Elisa(my friend) and I made fruit bouqets for our husbands. Elisa made a bigger one since it was a gift to Mark for their anniversary. I made two small ones and gave the other one away.

Saturday morning we participated in a couple of Easter egg hunts.
1. Peterson's Grocery had one at 8am. This one was nice because it was inside(it was raining), and there weren't as many people as the other one, so the kids were able to get more and it lasted longer.
2. The city had one at 10am. This was outside, it was cold, rainy and there were TONS of people there. I think each one of my kids got a couple of tootsie rolls :). They did have a fire engine there, which was cool, and an Easter bunny which the older kids enjoyed. Annabelle...not so much.
Saturday evening we dropped off the Easter cake at Bob's and then went over to my cousin Rachel's for an Easter dinner/party with the Grazzini Family and Krissy. We had hot dogs and yummy macaroni, cake, fruit and veggies and then the kids painted eggs and we had an Easter egg hunt inside(it was too cold and wet outside). Thanks for letting us come over, we had a great time.


Robin said...

Your fruit boquets look amazing! Good job on your easter cakes too. You are seriously so good at decorating cakes! They look professional.

berrymom said...

Those fruit boquets are so cute! Good job on getting that stump out, too! Happy Easter.

The Horne's said...

WOw, busy blogging, I gotta catch up!!
What cute boquets from fuit.