Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm 26 today! When Scott turned 26 two years ago, I told him he was now in his late twenties. So I guess that means I'm in my late twenties, too. But I'll be in my late twenties for the next 4 years and Scott only has two more until he's thirty :). Man, we're getting old! j/k. No, but seriously, having kids makes you feel old, or older at least. I guess, in many ways, parenthood forces you to grow up and be responsible and mature. was a great day! Here's how it went:

1. Scott made german pancakes with our favorite vanilla syrup for breakfast! (I have the best husband! He knows the way to my heart is through food :)).
2. I opened presents. Scott got me the 2 disc special edition of Twilight, and Elisabeth made me a beautiful picture that said, "Mom" on it. I also received a few gifts from friends and extended family.
3. Me and the kids went to Walmart to get Easter baskets 50% off since Easter was yesterday. We also got a 55gallon water drum for food storage and a siphon.
4. Elisa L. and her kids, took me and my kids to lunch at Cafe Rio. I ate a really yummy salad! Elisa L. has now converted me to Cafe Rio(I ate something that didn't sit well with me last time so I came away with a negative opinion towards the place). I'm sure it was entertaining for the other customers to see two young mom's trying to keep 5 small children under control :).
5. Played with our neighbors outside.
6. Krissy came over and babysat the kids so that Scott and I could go on a date. We ate at Quiznos Subs and then saw the new Hannah Montana movie! Thanks honey for being a good sport and agreeing to come with me! I really liked it. And both Scott and I liked all the music in it. Along with Miley Cyrus, both Taylor Swift and Rascal Flats played in the movie which was fun to see. I think we were the only adults in the theater that weren't accompanied by very young, excited girls. Oh and the theater we went to was super nice. It had several fast food chains inside where you could order your food and then bring it in the theater to eat. And there was stadium seating. It would've been cool to see any movie there, just to experience that theater! It makes me wonder if a lot of theaters are built this way recently? I guess Scott and I don't get out to the movies much.
7. We came home, and I ate a piece of the icecream cake I made(I used my favorite ice cream from Cold Stone called Cake Batter). I know it's not fancy, but I didn't feel like decorating a fancy cake, and so I didn't. While I ate, Charles, who hadn't eaten dinner yet, said he was going to throw up, and then he did just that. I set my cake down, and went to help him and get the floor cleaned up. It still smells a little, but I think Scott and I were able to get most of it scrubbed out pretty good and things are smelling much better than they were before. Poor Charles.
8. My parents and sister called and sang "Happy Birthday".

The gifts: hymnbook from Grazzini's, headbands from Gina, Jade plant from April, Candies and cook book from Krissy


The Conders said...

Happy Birthday Elisa! Sounds like you had a fun day! Hope Charles get feeling better!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got to get out on a date...and it sounds like Scott was a good sport for his birthday girl :).

BAWC said...

it sounds like it was well spent. happy 26, you old woman.

Leatham Family said...

Happy Birthday! I sounds like you had a fun-filled day. Hopefully Charles will get feeling better soon, Ellie got it Sunday and still has it.

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday ELISA... I so glad you had a good day!