Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tap dancing lessons

Last year when Granny visited from Washington, she brought a pair of tap shoes for each of the kids. They put them on occasionally, and would walk around on our tile floor; they enjoy hearing the sounds their taps make. This year Elisabeth has started asking that I put her in dance class. But I told her I wanted to wait until she's five or six. I thought, at this young age, how much are they really going to be able to teach her? I'd feel like I was wasting my money and my time(taking her to lessons and sitting around with the two young ones while she has her lessons.). Well this week the thought donned on me, "I can teach them. I took beginning and intermediate tap at BYU, and I'm sure that'd be enough experience to teach a three and four year old." So Wednesday night this week I told Elisabeth that we'd start tap dance lessons the following morning, and she was thrilled!

I wasn't exactly sure what I should teach them, being so young and all. So I went online and found a website called that has videos you can watch of a dance teacher, that will teach you how to do all different dance steps. While on there, I searched, 'tap for kids' and then watched a few videos showing and explaining, some of the very simple and easy steps you should teach children or beginning dancers. I wrote those steps down, we turned on some music, and began our tap class. Here is what Elisabeth mastered at her first dance class: shuffle step, heel step, toe drop, and a combination of a heel-toe-toe-drop. She did very well and had a really good time. I think this will be good for both of us because we'll be able to see if this is something that she really wants to do, without me feeling like I'm wasting our money. If she does decide to continue with tap and if she continues to practice, then I'll probably put her in a real class next year.

Doesn't she have great form?!

Charles began tapping with us, but after a minute or two, he completely lost interest. Instead, he fixed things with his wrench while we tapped. (I'm sure this news came as a relief to Scott who didn't love the idea of our boy taking dance :)). Notice the wrench that he's holding in his left hand.
*As a side note, we practiced in our downstairs bathroom on the linoleum floor. We started out in the kitchen on the tile floor but it was getting black marks all over it and I thought, I'd much rather get black marks on our ugly, stained linoleum floor downstairs then our kitchen tile. They both came up really easy with a rag, but still. And the bathroom downstairs is pretty spacious so we had plenty of room. But if any of you local readers have some scrap tile or linoleum that you're wanting to be rid of, let me know and I'll pick it up so they can have a small floor to practice on that doesn't need to be cleaned after practicing.

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Robin said...

Charlie's reaction to tap dancing cracked me up! I love the wrench/tap shoe combo.