Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So excited for Spring/Summer!

The weather plays a HUGE factor(though I don't love the heat in the summer...but Spring weather is perfect!) in my excitement for Spring/Summer, but we also have a couple of trips planned that we're looking forward to.

1. In the end of April, beginning of May, Scott's parents are flying us out to North Carolina for Kelley and Jericho's wedding! Scott's parents will fly to Utah first, in April, for Krissy's BYU graduation, and then we'll all fly back together. It'll be so nice to have several extra hands to help with the kids on the airplane.

2. I'll be attending LDStorymakers writing conference in Provo on April 25! I Can't wait! And it's all day! Wahoo!

3. We're going to camp at a KOA campground sometime this summer. We LOVE doing this. The kids love roasting marshmallows, swimming in the pool, playing on the playgrounds, particpating in the activities, and hiking(we bring our child-carrier-hiking-backpacks). And I'm just happy that I get to sleep on a bed in a cabin and not on the floor of a tent :).

4. In July we're going to drive out to Washington and see my parents, and sisters and both brothers! Fred and his family live in Tri-cities, Wa so they'll come over while we're there. And Luis and his family are going to fly out from upstate New York! So we'll all be together.

Here is a picture of my cute nephews, Rainier and Denali from NY. Aren't they handsome! I think that'd be pretty awesome to go ice fishing. Maybe we'll have to make a trip up there one winter and try.


BAWC said...

sounds like a lot of fun stuff this summer. i like your nephew's mountain names.

Kimberlyn said...

Souds like a lot of fun, enjoy your trips.