Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ingredient measurement, misread

Saturday Scott made some brownie bars that you cover with melted chocolate(he did half white chocolate for me, the sweetheart). A couple hours after the fact, I went back to the recipe book he used because I like to read recipes...I know, I'm a dork. But it's fun for me. Anyways, I noticed that the recipe called for 2 cups of butter(4 sticks). But I knew that we didn't have 4 sticks because I used some earlier that day. So I went to the fridge to see if there was any left and I found a stick and a half in there. 'Hum,' I thought. 'Maybe he halved the recipe.' So I asked him. He said no and asked why, and I explained my discovery. Apparently he read 2 cups as 2 sticks.

Anyways, they tasted really good when they were warm and fresh out of the oven, but once they cooled, they got really hard and tasted kind of floury. But we were able to soften them by sticking them in the microwave just before we ate one, and then they were fine. In fact, we finished the pan pretty fast. I think we're going to try and make the same recipe again this week(or next) using 4 sticks of butter instead of 2. I'll let you know how it goes.


Maren said...

Hilarious about the butter mishap. I like the double colored brownies. mmmm.

Angela said...

What a great dad he is to make brownies for the family. Oh well, less butter, less calories, fewer clogged arteries...two cups is a lot of butter for one recipe. Good job Scotty:)

scott said...

Yeah, that's it, I was going for the low-fat recipe.