Wednesday, March 11, 2009

High chair solution, continued

I forgot to mention what Charles sits in during meals, now that Annabelle has taken over his booster seat. Well, they just swapped.It looks a little funny, I know. He's getting pretty tall. His head goes above the back of the seat and his legs go past the foot rest at the bottom. But I can't have him sitting in a normal chair without restraints. We've tried, but he simply forgets we have rules about where food is and isn't allowed when he's free, and he starts daydreaming/playing. Then he's off roaming the house, food in hand, leaving trails of peanut butter, bread or cracker crumbs everywhere he goes.

I don't know why he made weird faces in the pictures above. I didn't notice at first because the lighting was off, so I was busy moving around, trying to figure out how to make it look right with the light, while taking several pictures. When I did notice his odd expressions, I asked him to smile, and he seemed happy enough to oblige.

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Maren said...

That sounds like a great solution. Every one seems to be happy with it. I don't think it looks funny. And it is good to know that Brigham will need to be strapped down for at least another... year and a half. Sounds good to me.