Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Enjoying food

Elisabeth enjoys watching food bake in the oven. Last week she asked me to turn on the oven light, so she could watch the cookies. After she had a good look she turned around, so I switched off the light. Elisabeth whirled around to face me.
"No, wait!" she exclaimed, "Turn it back on, Mom."
I did as she instructed. She then proceeded to walk over to the kitchen table, where she grabbed a chair and drug it across the tile floor. She positioned it right in front of the oven(not even a foot away) and promptly sat down, slouching down a little. She sat and watched the cookies until the buzzer rang.

Charlie enjoys playing with his food. In this picture, his banana is a train and the banana peel is the train track. And his mouth is making a train noise.
Oh, and I failed to mention in my 'happy meal time' post, that even though breakfast and lunch are always a good time(because we eat the same thing every single day), dinners are only happy when I make something they like, which happens maybe 50% of the time. And what happens the other 50% of the time, you ask, when we make something they don't like? They cry and beg to be able to eat something else, but to no avail. They know that in the end, if they want a dessert afterwards(when we have one available), or if they don't want to be hungry later--because they all know that the kitchen closes after dinner-- they'll need to eat what's on their plate. And they're getting better.


Rachel said...

That is to cute!! The oven is a pretty amazing thing!! I even find myself watching things as they bake sometimes!!!

Brian, Maren & Brigham said...

I wish our oven had a light. I would gladly sit Brigham in front of it. Hey, I would even strap him in if it meant I could cook with out his 'help'. I knew charlie liked trains, but making his own? That is really dedicated. Atta way on the eat-this-or-go-hungry rules. I am with ya.