Monday, March 30, 2009

Ear infection

Thursday in the late morning, Elisabeth came to me and said her ear was hurting. I bent down and looked inside, but couldn't see anything so I told her she probably just scratched it or hit it on something and sent her on her way. But within a few minutes she came back again, this time with tears in her eyes, saying that it was still really hurting and asked if I'd say a prayer with her to help it get better, which I did. But within five or ten minutes she said it was hurting again and now she was crying. My first thought was, 'I don't think it could be an ear infection because she hasn't had any sort of sinus/cold symptoms in probably a year, and what else could it possibly be?' But then I decided I'd better call the doctor's office and talk to a nurse because this sort of behavior in Elisabeth, was abnormal. I ended up taking her into the doctor's office around 230pm and she was still crying. When the doctor came in, she asked me what was going on and I told her that she had been complaining for the last couple of hours, and crying on and off, that her ear is hurting. The doctor asked me the same questions that I'd been thinking, "Does she have a runny nose, cough, any sinus?"
"Hum? Well let me take a look," she said, but I could tell she was full of doubt, as was I.
She looked in both ears and then said, "Oh, wow. Yep, she's got an ear infection all right. And she just started complaining about it this afternoon?"
I nodded my head in response.
"She must have a high pain tolerance then because this is a bad one. Everything is all red. But at least we can put her on antibiotics."

I asked the doctor how this could've happened, considering she's been perfectly healthy for a long time. All she said was that they're caused from fluid being trapped in the ears.

After our visit to the doctor, we drove to Walmart to get her the amoxicillin and the ear drops the doctor prescribed. On our way, Elisabeth asked me, through her tears, how this happened. I thought for a second about what the doctor said and then remembered something from last night: I walked into the bathroom to check on Elisabeth who was bathing, and I had to call her name a couple of times and finally wave my hand in front of her face to get her attention, because she was laying on her back in the water, her ears completely submerged. And she laid that way for probably ten maybe twenty minutes, I'm not really sure. Going back to my story, when we got home, I called and talked to one of the nurses to see if this could be possible. And it was. She said that if she's laying there in water, it's a perfect warm, moist place for bacteria to grow. And also, she said, they get quite a few patients in there for something they call, 'swimmers ear' which is the same sort of thing. She also said in order to avoid that, if it's really wet in there and before there's an infection, you can just put a drop of alcohol inside the ear and it'll dry it up. So anyways, I explained this to Elisabeth and she decided she's no longer going to lay in the bath tub with her ears under the water.

She was miserable for awhile with pain. Our wait for the prescriptions at Walmart was the worst because she was crying a lot and wouldn't allow me to move a muscle from where we were waiting on the bench in the pharmacy. This was a hard thing to do considering I was also trying to keep Annabelle from pulling things off of shelves. And Charlie from wandering off too far. I ended up pulling a lollipop out of my diaper bag and giving it to Annabelle. I let her have it as long as she sat on my lap, which she did. I guess in a way, Elisabeth's crying wasn't all bad, because the pharmasists would look up and watch her occasionally when she would cry out and I think it helped them to hurry. Once she'd taken some Tylenol and I put some ear drops inside and we started the amoxicillin, she was feeling much better. And perhaps the fact that I told her, if she wanted to go to D's house tonight(yep, that's his whole name and the correct spelling, just D) for Daddy's work party, she needed to be feeling better-- may have helped a bit with the healing process. So anyways, she was fine, and we went and all had a fun time. And after that first day of feeling a lot of pain, she hasn't experienced any more since, though she'll be taking her amoxicillin for another seven days.


Robin said...

Sorry about Elisabeth's hurt ear. We hope she's feeling better. Very informative post though. Shaun has recently started putting his head back in the water a lot at bath time too, so I'll have to watch out for that or at least do some alcohol drops in there. Good to see you :).

Kimberlyn said...

Awe sorry to hear about her ear, hopefully she's feeling better now. Poor thing.

Angela said...

Poor baby:( Glad she is feeling better. The things we learn raising children!

BAWC said...

ouch! i used to get swimmers ear all of the time when i was young, not too fun.

The Horne's said...

Sorry about her ear - I'm mostly impressed that you know someone whose name is just the letter D. Wow.

Leake's said...

Kids are all so different. Our family problem is ear wax build up. So the kids were suppose to soak their heads in the tub. The warm water loosened up the wax and let it drain out naturally. But the alcohol drop is an awesome tip.

Are you ready to ride???????, I am. just waiting for a little better weather.