Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dentist; Elisabeth's 3rd visit

Elisabeth went to the dentist again Wednesday. It was her third visit and she did really well again with Dr. Dave. I actually didn't even go back with her, not on purpose, but while we were waiting, Charles had to go to the bathroom. Elisabeth was playing with a train set in the waiting room so I told her to just wait there and listen for her name and if they called her, she could go back. And that's exactly what happened. When we got back from the bathroom I talked to the receptionist and asked her if I should go back, but she said I didn't need to; so I told her to get me if there were any problems and then I sat down on a chair, grabbed a magazine and read while Charlie and Annabelle entertained themselves with all the fun, new toys. It was by far the least stressful visit we've ever had. When she finished she got some fun prizes and then Dr. Dave visited with me for a moment, just to see if I had any questions. Everything went really well, no cavities, no tantrums, no babies trying to grab at drills while the dental assistant cleans teeth. A very nice visit, indeed.

Afterwords, Elisabeth got to pick somewhere to play and eat... But I told her beforehand that I only had $5 cash and that's what we could use. So we went to Arctic Circle and shared an 8 piece chicken rings, and ice cream. Annabelle made friends with another family there with three kids. One of the kids gave her their stuffed animal that they got in a children's meal. She mostly just wanted to chew on it.

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The Horne's said...

That's a big stuffed animal for a children's meal...ours were usually so tiny.