Friday, March 6, 2009

April, my roomie from BYU

Me and the kids on our walk, with April and Tate. This is our imitation triple stroller.
April pushing Tate

Out of all the six roommates that I once had(Jen, I'm counting you too b/c you lived down the hall), April and I are the only ones still in Utah.

April had a baby a couple of months ago and I finally got out to see him. My kids had been sick off and on for awhile, so we'll blame it on them :). We met at the Sugar House park and went for a walk, but it was pretty windy so we cut it short. We went back to her mom's house to eat lunch, and April did a sandtray session with me, while the kids watched Cinderella. We all had a really nice time. Thanks for having us over April and Donna!

Here is a picture of my sandtray:
If you want to learn about Sand play therapy or sandtray sessions, you can go here:


April said...

Oh cool, you put up your sandtray! I'm so glad we finally got together even thought the wind was crazy! Thanks for trekking up here.

JP said...

I'm so glad you guys got together! I would love to do a play date with you guys at some point...maybe someday. Can you believe all of the roomies are married with at least one kid now!? Crazy.