Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Third Birthday Char!

On Tuesday January 6 we celebrated Charlie’s third birthday. Unfortunately Char was sick again this year on his birthday(a bad cold, and he did have a fever a couple of days ago) which means he's been sick for all of his birthdays. But he still wanted to celebrate and be in charge for the day. So we opened presents first thing in the morning, ate pancakes, watched ‘Cars’-his favorite movie- we met daddy at Carl’s Junior for lunch, Elisabeth and Charles had quiet time together in the playroom, they watched ‘Go Diego Go!’, we ate dinner, sang Happy Birthday and ate some cake. Charles didn’t eat much dinner or cake because he wasn’t feeling good and he ended up walking to bed by himself a little early. Poor thing. But I think he still had a good day. Thanks Granny and Grandpa for the cash to go in his piggy bank, the cars from, ‘Cars’ and the ‘Cars’ clothes! He’s a little obsessed with ‘Cars’ and loved acquiring all those items! We also got him a Lightning McQueen swimsuit(I bought it at the end of summer on clearance) and a Lightning McQueen board book(which I found for 25 cents at the DI!).

Scott helped me decorate Char's train cake! Thanks honey!

Pictures from Carl's Jr.

I followed Annabelle around and took lots of pictures of her. I probably shouldn't let my 11 month old baby crawl around on dirty fast food play area floors; but I do.

Blowing out the candles

Happy Birthday Charles! We sure love you!

Fun facts about Charles:

-He LOVES the movie cars and he loves playing with cars

-He's very independent

-His favorite food besides sweets is probably macaroni and cheese and hot dogs

-He doesn't nap anymore(I wouldn't really call this fun but it is a fact so we'll include it)

-He's totally day time potty trained and almost completely night time potty trained...every once and awhile he'll have an accident at night

-He loves playing with his family

-He loves to play with Annabelle and help her out(though sometimes this causes more hurt than fact a couple of weeks ago he was trying to 'help' keep her in the play room and accidentally smashed her fingers in the door, one of which is the finger she sucks at night needless to stay he stopped her finger sucking habit but it makes falling asleep time much more difficult for both mommy and baby)

-He has a very nice singing voice and knows lots of songs

-He knows the alphabet and their sounds and he can sign quite a few words(this is something we're all learning together)

Charles will have his 3 year old wellness check up in a month at the same time as Annabelle's one year old check up. I'll post his weight/height stats once I get them.

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Ben said...

My wife doesn't even let me in the kitchen when she is working on a cake.