Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 28th Birthday Scott!

I took this picture about a month ago but decided to save it for Scott's special day since it's so embarrassing! Just kidding, I think it's cute :), but I always think Scott is cute.

This morning I made Scott german pancakes with a special vanilla syrup. It's special because we tried it at a friends house a couple of months ago and loved it and Scott's asked me to get the recipe from them a couple of times but I never did until this week, and I was able to keep it a secret(I know, that's amazing for me, I can't ever seem to keep secrets from him, but I did this time!).

For Scott's birthday present this year I got him a memo photo album and then I organized his shoebox full of mission pictures(to the best of my ability) and stuck them all in this nice album for him. I'll have him go through and make sure they're all in order and then we can sit down together and write captions on the memo side so that he won't forget in his old age :). He's not old yet, but only 2 more years and then he'll be the big 3-0! (any readers who are 30+ please don't be offended)

This evening we're dropping the kids off at a friends house so that Scott and I can enjoy a romantic dinner out at a Pizzeria! Okay probably not romantic at a pizzeria but hassle, stress, and mess free which will be glorious! I can't wait! And it's an authentic Italian pizzeria that we read about in the newspaper so we're pretty excited to see if it really compares to the pizza in Italy(remember, Scott served his mission there and when we were newly married we were able to go back for a visit). It's called Sete Bello.
Happy 28th Birthday Scott! We sure love you!


Kimberlyn said...

The pizza there is heavenly, we went there after body worlds. Make sure you get some gelato, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Maren said...

Nice photo. Definitely One for the mantel.

Ben said...

I think that picture was after Chambers dropped a potential touchdown pass.