Saturday, January 3, 2009

Elisabeth's lamp

Elisabeth got a lamp for Christmas from Granny, which is something she has requested for awhile. I’m going to jump back a little and give you the story on why she wanted a lamp.

Each night after we put the kids to bed, we would go upstairs to our room, turn on our lamp on our headboard and then we read and write and talk until we go to sleep. Elisabeth will occasionally get out of bed once she’s been put there for the night(I know, surprising huh? What kid would ever do that?) and so she knew about our lamp and our night time reading and writing. And so now Elisabeth has her princess lamp on her headboard and after I sing her a song and give her kisses for the night, she turns on her lamp, grabs a book or two from her headboard and sometimes her little journal and pencil and will stay up a little while longer…I’m not sure exactly what time she falls asleep but so far it has always been before Scott and I get to bed.


Angela said...

That's adorable Elisa. Does she turn the lamp off before she goes to sleep or does she fall asleep with it on?

The Horne's said...

That's very very sweet. Yes - good question by Angeal...does she turn it off herself before she falls asleep?

Elisa said...

She turns it off just before she's ready to lie down and sleep.