Monday, January 19, 2009

Annabelle is 11 months old!

Look! She has learned how to go up and down the stairs all by herself! But we’re still trying to teach her how to sit down and turn around at the top of the stairs so that she’s in a baby-safe position when she goes down(on her tummy).
Annabelle loves to entertain her family. She’ll do anything to get a laugh and if you do laugh she’ll do it a million more times and laugh with you! Here are some of the silly things she does:

1. She likes to get in the yoga, ‘downward facing dog pose’ position. She doesn’t actually know that’s what it is, but I just think it’s funny she likes to be upside down that way.

2. She’ll turn on our stereo and dance for you. If you don’t have a stereo near by just hum a tune or turn on a fan and she’ll dance to those noises too! Her favorite songs to dance to are the ones that you sing about her like,(think the tune, “here comes santa clause”) “Here comes Annabelle, here comes Annabelle, right down Annabelle’s lane.”
This is a picture I took while Annabelle was dancing for us

3. She likes to try on socks, shoes, and all sorts of clothing items including underwear: Elisabeth, we can see your panties! (don’t worry, they’re clean, she grabbed them from my clean laundry mound sitting on our couch downstairs…it’s been there for days)


Casey said...

I think there is a pile of laundry in every home video we've taken so far. It's always clean and always on the couch. :)

Sami and Family said...

She's so cute! I love the panties on the head.