Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twenty Four Days Til’ Christmas

Last year Grandma Angela gave us a long candle numbered one through 24 from top to bottom. This year Granny Rojean gave us a binder called, “Twenty Four Days Til’ Christmas” which has a scripture, story and song to read each day of December until Christmas day. So we thought we’d put the two gifts together and so each night of December, instead of doing our normal song, scripture prayer time, we light the candle, read the scripture about the birth of our Savior, sing the Christmas hymn, and then read the story. Then if there’s still some wax to burn on the candle before it gets to the number of the following day, we sing all sorts of Christmas carols until our time is up and then one of the kids blows out the candle(they have to take turns doing this each day otherwise it turns into a fight). We all love this and look forward each night to hearing the new Christmas story(which are SO good!)and scripture and singing lots of Christmas carols together!

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Robin said...

Sweet idea. After I read that I am thinking I might add in a song into each pocket on our advent calendar. We sang "Jingle Bells" yesterday many, many, many times because Shaun loved it so much. It was so funny at our ward's Christmas party, after they finished singing the different Christmas songs, Shaun kept commenting, "I don't know that one." We'll have to teach him :).