Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving week: Tuesday through Thursday

Tuesday afternoon the kids and I moved and set up beds and got the house all in order for the arrival of our guests: Granny and Grandpa Garnica and Becca and Bella! Elisabeth and I picked them up from the airport that evening, we visited for a little while and then went to bed. The first three nights, both Elisabeth and Charles slept in a different room each night because, for one reason or another, the sleep arrangements didn’t work out quite right, but we figured it out and made due.
Wednesday Scott went to work, Becca and I did a morning session at the SLC temple(our first time doing a live session!), and then later that afternoon we went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. When we got home I parked the van in the garage and opened the trunk and we started unloading groceries from the van into the house. While I was in the kitchen putting some groceries away I suddenly heard the sound of the garage door closing…but my trunk was still open! I dropped everything and ran out to the garage: Elisabeth had pushed the button not knowing the trunk was still open. I pushed the button again to stop it but it was too late, the trunk door was caught in the garage while it was about half way closed. So I pushed the button again and the trunk door, connected to the garage, started going back up while making an ugly screeching noise. So I stopped it again. Mom told me to get in the van and pull it forward a bit. I followed her counsel and thankfully the car door was freed. I got out of the van and went around back to see the damage. Luckily the van door was fine with just a couple minor scratches. The garage door on the other hand had some problems. I couldn’t get it to open or close any further. I called Scott and work and told him what happened. Then I called a garage door repair man who said he could be over in an hour…Scott also decided that he better come home early to take a look at it, it was only about an hour early. Scott arrived before the repair man and was able to open the garage door completely so that I could get my van out. When the repair man arrived he showed us where the springs had come loose and how some metal things were all bowed out and needed to be straightened. So he fixed that and greased everything and fixed some lights in there…this whole traumatic experience only ended up costing $80 which I was thankful for. We felt blessed that nothing serious happened to the van because that would have been pretty expensive. The rest of Wednesday was pretty uneventful (which was a good thing), we ordered pizzas for dinner and hung out.

Thursday morning Scott played football for a couple of hours over at our church across the street while we started on the Thanksgiving dinner. Dad prepared the turkey, Becca the mashed potatoes and stuffing, I worked on a cake for my mom’s BF Karen and I did the pasta salad, Scott made green bean casserole, Mom made sweet potatoes, cut up veggies for the salad and stuffing, got some other items together and did a lot of the cleaning. Everything was ready around 230 pm at which time we all sat around the temple and each told something we were grateful for. Once we finished that, we blessed the food and started eating…and then we ate some more and more until we were all pretty stuffed. We cleaned up dinner and started preparing the desserts for our get together that evening with my Uncle Fred’s family. I made a gingerbread pumpkin trifle dish(thanks Monique!) and Scott made an amazing caramel apple pie; we also brought over a Costco pumpkin pie. We ate dessert, visited and played Charades which was hilarious! I know several of us were in tears from laughing so hard! Thanks Grazzini’s for having us over for dessert!
Elisabeth being silly

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