Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving week: Friday and Saturday

Friday morning Becca and I woke up at 415am and were at Walmart by 430am waiting behind the roped off area in the store near the electronics which would allow customers to begin shopping at 5am: I was hoping to get a digital camera under $100(the one I had my eye on was $80) and Becca was hoping to get the $50 portable dvd player. The store was SO crowded and about every 5 minutes an employee would announce over the intercom how much time was left until you could start shopping: “30 minutes, 25 minutes, 20 minutes until you can start shopping”. Then around 15 minutes til’, an employee brought out a cart of the portable dvd players and when he stopped the cart in it’s place, this group of high school/college aged guys rushed in a grabbed some of the dvd players! For about a split second no one moved but then all of a sudden everyone rushed forward. I stood there for a few seconds thinking, ‘should I go? It looks like everyone else is going, okay, yes I will.” Becca wasn't fast enough to get a dvd player, but also some people grabbed 5! I walked over to the cameras and found the label for the one I wanted but no cameras were there! I was so bummed! The only other one I could see available was a much nicer one for $150. I picked it up and stood there contemplating for a minute whether I should call Scott (at 445am mind you) and ask him what he thought I should do or if I should just get it because it was really nice and the other one I had my eye on at Costco was $10 more than this one anyways. So while I was standing there with the camera in hand thinking all this through a woman, probably 40 or so, said to me, “is that the on you want or did you want the $80 one?’ I said, “yeah I was hoping to get the other one.” And she said, “because, see over there on the checkout counter, he’s got a bunch. I don’t think he’s had time to put them out yet.” Oh duh, because it still wasn’t 5am yet! I thanked the kind woman and walked over to the counter and got one and then within a couple of minutes they were all gone!
Later that morning, we went to the Nelson’s for brunch(they’ve been friends with our family since I was in elementary school). We all had a wonderful time. My kids love going to ‘Karens’ because she has this enormous house with lots of toys and other fun things to play with and she loves kids(she had ten of her own) and let’s them play with anything and do anything they want in her house. It was her birthday the day before so we brought her a 4 layer rainbow cake with different rainbow filling colors throughout the middle. She made us german pancakes with lots of different toppings and some salads and muffins etc.

In the evening, after dinner, Scott and I went on a date! We met our good friends Ben and Gina at chili’s restaurant and had appetizers and dessert. We had a nice time visiting with one another and eating chili’s yummy food!
We made our own molten lava cakes a couple of weeks ago and here is a picture of it:

Saturday we took the kids to the mall to ride the carousel and play while Scott stayed home, cut down the tree and put up the lights(I have an amazing husband!). Later we packed up bags, deflated the beds(we used a couple of air mattresses; and many thanks to friends who let us borrow their sleeping gear!), fold blankets, clean up etc. and then around 5pm we took off to Salt Lake City. We stopped at temple square for about an hour because they had just put their lights up the night before. It was beautiful and the weather was so nice. I’m so glad that it is still not super cold and snowy yet! Pretty soon though I’m sure. We walked around and listened to a choir in the south visitors center and took lots of pictures. Once we finished up there we walked back to the van and set off for the airport.

We had such a nice Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you Garnica’s for coming to visit us and for all the gifts and other ways that you spoiled us! We love you and miss you already!

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