Saturday, December 27, 2008

Temple Square

Monday December 22 after Scott got off work we went up to Temple Square with our friends the Arkell’s to see the lights and afterwards we enjoyed doughnuts and hot cocoa(I just had doughnuts…I’ve been chocolate free for 6 years now!)

This picture was taken a month ago on Gina's birthday. I forgot my camera but Gina just emailed this to me, which is why the post is so late.We made her a chocolate peppermint patty cake(one of her favorite candies) and Ben made spaghetti and bread sticks...well actually Gina made the bread sticks.
And here is a random picture I recently took of Elisabeth dancing in her ballerina outfit while humming. I love to watch(and listen) to her hum, she makes the cutest face.

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MarieC said...

I'm so impressed that you have been chocolate-free from 6 years now. I could never do it!