Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa cake

Wednesday and Thursday I worked on a cake for our book club Christmas potluck(thanks Gina for the inspiration!).
While I was decorating, Charlie dragged a chair over to the counter where I was working, climbed up and asked, “Mommy, is this cake for someone else?” Most of the cakes that I make are for, ‘someone else’ and even though I’m commonly asked who it’s for, this day in particular, I was touched by his inquiry which made me put myself in his shoes. I saw a little boy who watches his mom make pretty cakes, and then sends them off yet he doesn’t get to enjoy it himself besides eating part of the top that I cut off so that the finished cake is nice and flat; but it is far from anything pretty especially since I just mix together the various colors of left over frosting.

So anyways, I decided to make a special Santa cake for the kids too, and Elisabeth got to help a little with smoothing the frosting and filling in Santa’s clothes and hat with stars. She did an excellent job!

And here is our happy little Annabelle!


Esther said...

Those cakes are awesome! Cute pictures of your kids too!

Gina said...

OH!! The cake turned out FANTASTIC!! I love it!!

Ben said...


I am a man and don't say what a girl wants to hear just to say it. When I say it I mean it. That Santa cake you made was PHENOMENAL! Honestly, pat yourself on the back for that one.

carrie r. said...

What a cool cake! Your cakes are phenomenal Elisa! And that was so nice to make a cake just for your kids. I bet Charlie was thrilled.

Aunna said...

You have a great talent! I loved the cake! And it was sweet of you to make one for the kids. I'm sure they loved it.