Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Matching Christmas dresses and birthday shout out

The girls had matching Christmas dresses this year(thanks Pepa for handing these down because they’re beautiful!) and Charlie has a nice Christmas sweater so after church on Sunday I thought I’d have a kid photo shoot. I probably choose the worst possible time to take these pictures, I knew they were all tired and hungry, especially Annabelle, but I wanted to get the pictures taken before they changed clothes to eat and play. So here they are:
Annabelle has tears in her eyes in all of these pictures.
I like Elisabeth’s face in this one, she’s trying hard not to get in Annabelle's way: “Okay kids one more. Ignore Annabelle and smile.” “Girls only now! Last one I promise!”
Later that evening I made a birthday cake for my friend and neighbor Maren(Scott designed the cake on a 3x5 card beforehand, and I thought Maren would enjoy it so we did it!). I know it's very simple, but I wanted a cake that would portray who Maren is and I think it turned out well: happy mother and wife who can handle it all carrying a baby in one arm with a toddler hanging onto her with another arm and at the young age of 25. Happy Birthday Maren!(I should have posted this on your birthday, sorry, but at least I saw you right?)

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Kimberlyn said...

Look at your adorable kids. Happy Birthday Maren.