Thursday, December 25, 2008


Sunday we had our Christmas choir program which I sang in and so for about 45 minutes to an hour I needed to be up on the stage area with the other choir members which meant Scott was sitting on a pew in the front alone with our three young ones. Since I sat up high facing the crowd I had a perfect view of everyone and I noticed that after we finished singing the first or second song Annabelle started getting really squirmy and then began to cry. And she wouldn’t stop. I could tell Scott was feeling a little stressed, probably wondering if he should take Annabelle out and hope that the two older kids would follow(but this last hour of church is generally a struggle for our kids, they can’t seem to control their manners any longer), or just try and rock her in his seat to sleep. He continued to sit there and Annabelle continued to cry. I was feeling anxious for him and so quickly said a prayer asking that either Scott could handle the kids fine or that someone would please help him. Within about a minute, dear, sweet Brother Clayton who was sitting behind Scott(his wife was up on the stage with me and so it was just him and his teenage son) leaned over the bench and whispered something in his ear. Then Brother Clayton took Annabelle in his arms and brought her out in the hall where he remained for the majority of the meeting. I was so touched by his kindness and by the instantaneous answer to my prayer that I was overwhelmed with the feeling of love and joy and couldn’t stop the tears in my eyes from overflowing. At the conclusion of the meeting I turned to his wife and told her what happened and then I quickly found Brother Clayton and thanked him for his help. Also two other families helped us out during the program sharing toys with Charlie and holding Annabelle when she was brought back in. I’m so grateful that we live in this area because we have the best neighbors and friends and they help ease the difficulty of living in an area with out family near by.

Then, something else happened. Later that evening while we were eating dinner there was a ring at the door and when I finally got it open(the door sticks really bad, especially in the cold weather) there was no one in sight but at my feet I found a big red basket/tub filled with Christmas goodies! There was all sorts of fruit and food including a whole turkey, sparkling juice, hard back childrens books, an activity book, a candle, wrapped presents and even a Target gift card! I was amazed and clueless as to who would have done this for our family! I think it makes it even more special that it is anonymous…since I don’t know who dropped it off I am inclined to feel more love towards everyone just in case they were the deliverers.

We're so grateful for all our friends and family and we're especially grateful to our Savior for his love and sacrafice and for the tender mercies that he so willingly bestows upon his children. Merry Christmas!


carrie r. said...

I love those two stories. Our family too has been touched by the spirit of love and giving this Christmas, in so many ways. It was a tough Christmas for us but we had almost everything provided by anonymous 'elves'. We are looking forward to when we are a little better off so we can do the same. Its amazing how generous people can be!

rachael said...

We have the best ward hands down!!! seriously!! both those stories are amazing!!

The Horne's said...

Merry Christmas Elisa! Wow, you have been a busy blogger.
Could you remind me where you printed off your blog that one time? I remember you blogged about it, but can't remember, how or where you did it!