Monday, December 8, 2008

"How Do I Love Thee"

Friday night for our date night, Scott and I watched this dvd that I checked out from the library called, "How Do I Love Thee". It's an instructional dvd teaching couples about three love languages: touch(feel love through hugs, kisses etc.), verbal(feel love through words or praise, appreciation etc through a love note or compliment), visual(you feel love seeing peoples loving actions ie. they help you do dishes etc.). Dr. Lund asked a series of questions-27 to be exact- and each person answers them and keeps score for themself and through your answers you can figure out (if you don't already know) how you feel loved. Even though Scott and I already knew which we'd each fit into it was still fun to do the quiz and hear what the good Doctor and his wife had to say about the different languages. I'd reccommend this movie to anyone who is interested and wants to know how they could better love someone(friend, family member, spouse). And just in case any of you are curious, Scott scored very high in the touch love language and I scored highest in the verbal though though all three were fairly close.


Betsy said...

I have to see that! My favorite book is called the 5 languages of love and it's that exact theory. It helps you fully undersand each of the languages and helps you find out which you and your spouse are. It is so facinating to me! And, almost everyone I know who has read this has thought thier husband was one language but really was a different one. I think it's brilliant!! Fun fun, thanks for passing it on :)

clintandleximorgan said...

Love the 24 days till Christmas picture! Can we get your address? email or leave on our blog