Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve happenings

  • Daddy had work off! Yay! He is a HUGE help around the house and we especially needed his help baking, cleaning and keeping the kids busy! Thanks honey!

  • We baked lots of goodies- sugar cookies, lemon bars, chocolate covered pretzels and peppermint bark- and dropped them off at neighbors houses(we actually baked the sugar cookies the day before because I knew we’d be really busy on Christmas Eve with the other baking and activities)
  • We went caroling after dinner to four houses in the neighborhood! This was so fun, and the kids loved it, I think we’ll make it a tradition; they have such sweet and clear voices!

  • When Charles gets hungry he takes matters into his own small hands. He will commonly grab the 2lb block of cheese and take a big bite from the side.

  • After caroling we watched, ‘Mr Kreuger’s Christmas’ and ‘The Nativity,’ we put the kids to bed and then put all the presents under the tree, brought the play house in from the shed and stuffed stockings.

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