Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where's Annabelle?

Annabelle is a bit sick. She’s had a little cold on and off for a few weeks now, poor thing. Since we're not supposed to give babies cold medicine anymore I try and do some other natural things to help: we run the warm mist humidifier whenever she's sleeping and sometimes we'll put the vick's medicine in the cup dispenser, we'll put Vick's Vaporub on her feet, put a pillow under the end of the mattress where her head lies so that things don't build up too much in her ears, and I don't give her any dairy(besides breast milk if that's considered dairy :)).
The other day I set Annabelle down in her room while I went to help Charles get dressed after a bath and when I came back in she was no longer where I left her, and in fact she was no where in sight! But then I heard some babbling in the corner so I bent down and looked across and under her crib and there she was!
FYI: I’m typing all my blogs at home now, saving them to a USB and then I’ll just copy and paste once I get to the library to save internet time(Honey, you are so smart! Thanks for this idea!). And since you can schedule posts on the blogger I can upload several blogs at once and then set my calendar to publish one a day or every other day! Yay, so now my blog really shouldn’t suffer from not having internet at home(which was my biggest worry)! Oh and one more good thing about not having internet(which I can't believe I didn't mention before because it's HUGE and obvious...perhaps that's why, it was too obvious) is that I have more Scott time which I love! When we had internet before I would try and only turn it on when the kids were sleeping so this hasn't had much of an effect on the time we spend with the kids but once they went to bed at night a lot of times one of us would be on the computer checking emails, blogs, weather, recipes, espn and anything else for at least an hour when you combined our total time so this extra time is nice.

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Cristin said...

I also like to schedule my posts (and we have the internet at home!). It saves time to write a bunch at once and then I'm not constantly sitting on the computer.