Monday, October 13, 2008

Super Why!

Part of our daily morning routine is watching Super Why. It’s an educational kids cartoon tv program that has 4 superhero’s with super powers that have to do with reading and writing.

Super Why: with the power to read! “With the power to read I can change this story and save the day!”
Alpha Pig: with alphabet power! When they’re trying to solve a problem he carries around his alpha tools.
Wonder Red: with word power! “Wonderiffic! You are terrific!” She rides around on rollerskates (because she’s red riding hood) and carries her ‘wonder words basket’. She’s my favorite because she does these cool little rhyming songs with all her words!
Princess Presto: with the power to spell!

The kids love it because there are songs, words(they also LOVE leap frog learning movies), and superhero’s who wear capes and fly! While they watch and later when they play, Charlie is Super Why and Elisabeth is Princess Presto…here they are with their capes(Elisabeth's cape is just her old blankey tied around her neck)! I like this program because it’s educational, there are no commercials, and I haven’t noticed any bad imitative behaviors (even Dora has Swiper the Sneaky Fox who my kids would much rather imitate than Dora or Boots…so we don’t watch that one anymore. Mostly I don’t like them going around stealing everything and generally when they play that, one or both end up in tears). So every morning after breakfast, we get dressed and ready, I lay Annabelle down for her nap, and then we go downstairs and the kids watch Super Why(which starts at 8am) while I exercise on the elliptical machine. Yay for Super Why!


The Horne's said...

Wow - that's so great that you fit your work out time in while they are watching their favorite show! How long is it? An hour?
Great work on the "timed" blog posts! :-)

Ben said...

That's very ironic because Scott was just telling me how he loves XBOX because it is educational, there are no commercials, and there aren't any bad imitative behaviors. You guys are on the same wavelength. (I know I need to stop bringing up video games, but I have a bad habit of bringing up the same joke over and over. I just can't stop)