Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Monday night for FHE we painted and carved our pumpkins: Scott carved a face in his, I hollowed out mine to use for dinner the next day, and the kids painted theirs. Here are the finished products:
Scott did a beautiful job! We have an artist in the home! The kids' also turned out lovely. I made a broth in mine; it sounded so cool: cooking and serving soup in a pumpkin! But our kids don’t like to try new things and neither Scott nor I are broth soup lovers…in fact we’re generally still hungry once we’ve finished our second helpings, so even though it was a nice idea, it tasted fine, and it was fun for me to try, we probably won’t be serving this one again for our family members. Maybe next time I’ll try serving chili in a pumpkin, I think that would be good and more filling(I can picture Scott’s worried face as I’m typing about my next attempt at cooking in a pumpkin. Thanks honey for humoring me and my concoctions)


Mary said...

What fun!! I'm impressed that you made soup in yours!

rachael said...

what a fun idea , way to go, sorry it wasnt that great , it sounded yummy to me.

The Taylor Bunch said...

Hey E - I've got the perfect stew in a pumpkin recipe! I'll e-mail it to you. Its really good and not soupy, its very thick. :)

Rachel said...

So fun Elisa. I like the soup in the pumpkin idea! And your carvings turned out so good. What a fun time of year!!!

MarieC said...

Love Scott's pumpkin design!

I mislaid your e-mail address--send it to me at marie@4cummings.net.

Thanks for your exercise suggestions and your support!

carrie r. said...

That is a really great pumpkin face Scott carved! It's so cartoony.

I'm not a big fan of soup myself but the idea of having SOME kind of main dish in a pumpkin is still a cool idea!