Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures and internet

Ah ha! I figured out how to load pictures at the library(thanks Alisha for your tips)! So here is a picture that I wanted to post for the last post: Miss Annabelle crawling!

A few people asked why we got rid of the internet...mainly we're trying to cut costs while we finish paying off Annabelle's medical bills(if you want to read more about that story you can click here). That being said tonight Scott and I had this conversation:

Me: "Did you know that if we canceled our internet for a year we'd save $600?"

Scott: "That's a lot."

Me: "yeah it is."

Scott: "You know, if we didn't eat for three months we'd save A LOT of money."

Me: "Scott, we'd die after a few days."

Scott: "Not having internet is death." (I think he was being sarcastic...he can sometimes be dramatic :))

So anyways, I thought I'd list some pro's and con's about not having internet in your home:

pros: Our house is cleaner! Not that it was ever terribly messy but now the dishes get cleaned right away and other chores are not procrastinated so much. And of course it's nice to save money. I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them now.

cons: things are a little less convenient. I like to look up things like recipes and directions on the internet and now I'll have to plan ahead so that I can do that at the library when we go(which will probably be twice a week). Also, I won't be able to check blogs as much which is sad and doing my own blogs will be a little more inconvenient. I think that's it for now. It'll be interesting to see how long we can go without the internet at home :)


Angela said...

I believe that we can adjust to anything, well, except going without food:) However, it would be a MAJOR adjustment not to have Internet. Our Internet is $30/month. Maybe you can find a less expensive option.

Betsy said...

You are welcome to come use our internet any time if that would be more convenient!! It would give me a chance to see my cute neighbors more often!!

LINDSAY said...

We didn't have internet this summer while at BYU (to cut costs as well). And although it was less convenient, I really liked it. I found myself staying top of things more (like you said) and having more time to read, and finish up projects, etc It seems that the computer is always a temptation for me--when I just want to relax and do nothing, I sit in front of it and read blogs! Although that is great, I think sometimes it can be a waste of time. So good for you!

Ben said...

It's interesting how we make things a necessity, when they really aren't. In your case you no longer have internet at home, and although it takes some adjusting, you realize that a person CAN survive without the internet. Other examples:cell phones, HDTV's, toilet paper...

The Horne's said...

Sometimes we need to make those sacrifices, and as hard as they are, they are usually the right decision. It may not mean you don't EVER have internet again, but for now, it's what needs to happen.
I'll miss reading your updated blog every day, but I'll pop on a few times a week to see if you've updated.
I can't believe she'es already crawling!

LeMira said...

I've considered cutting internet because of the cost, but it is a necessity for us, as Matt needs it to check things at work from home if something is a little screwy there. Maybe we don't need it, but then he'd have to go in at every phone call, and we'd be wasting gas!

I know I'd get more done, too, if I didn't have it!

Robin said...

Ok I'm in. I waste way too much time in front of a computer monitor :). I'm going to see if I can cut down on my veg/computer time too. The pro of getting things done around the house and not procastinating sounds great to me :).

April said...

It sure is funny how quickly our privileges become necessities. I think I might be joining Robyn and you and try and veg less in front of the computer. Not having TV already saves me lots of time.

rachael said...

Hey you can come over anytime and use ours. we havent seen you for a long time . come play

Fred said...

Another con is Scott can't adjust his fantasy football team as often as he'd like for our league...actually no that's probably a pro for me, but a con for Scott. Sorry, had to throw that in.