Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy crawler...

…not so happy with the walking toy. She doesn’t mind standing with the walking toy for a minute if I’m right there holding it still. But as soon as I take my hand off and she feels it start to roll a bit she gets really frustrated. She makes the funniest faces!

I'm okay for now because mom's nice and close!

Uh, mom, what are you doing?! I can't handle this!

Whoa, easy now walking toy.

If you don't move, I won't either.

Come back mom, stop teasing!


rachael said...

that was so cute ! i havent seen for a long time , we need to get together.

berrymom said...

That is so cute!

rachael said...

hey, will you send me that info on how to print out my blog. thanks.