Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elisabeth's special cake

My mom called the other day and asked me to make a special cake for Elisabeth in honor of her solo. She wanted me to find out from Elisabeth what her dream cake would be and then make it(she funded this whole project too). Well when I asked Elisabeth about what kind of cake she would love to have she came up with about ten ideas: a princess cake, a castle cake, a pink cake with sprinkles, a cake with roses, a cake with a sheep and a pig, a rainbow cake, etc. Finally she decided on having a rainbow chip cake covered in pink frosting, sprinkles and a princess on top. Well that’s super easy so I asked her if she’d like to help me decorate it and she was thrilled about that! So I baked the cakes and frosted them pink and then Elisabeth and Charles(it was just going to be Elisabeth helping while Charlie napped but Elisabeth had a unusually hard day: she scratched Char’s face and later bit his arm really hard so in order to make him feel better we invited him to help decorate her special cake)covered the top in sprinkles, placed princess Aurora on top and used my frosting writing tubes to write ‘Elisabeth’ and draw pictures.
Thanks granny for funding this fun project and congratulations on getting an excerpt in the Ensign this month! (The title is ‘Scatter Sunshine’ and it’s a compilation from about ten different authors giving ideas on ways to serve in your community)

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rachael said...

so cute ! good job!