Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Children's Art

Finger prints on mirrors, computer screens and windows,
Mud tracked through hallways from little feet on the go.

Peanut butter and graham crackers smeared on clothes, walls and doors,
Spilt milk, juice and water are commonly found on our floors.

Some call it chaos others simply, “A mess”
I call it children’s art, a symbol of the energy and creativity they possess.

I’m so grateful for little hands that create all these things,
And I’m especially grateful for the love these little children bring.

I love the peaceful feeling of a baby resting on my chest,
Comforting hugs and slobbery kisses are among the very best.

I love the tiny hands that pat my cheeks and poke my eyes,
And their sweet little voices when they speak, sing or cry

I look at children’s art as a token of that love,
Heavenly Father chose to send us from his home up above.
By Elisa Garnica Smith


Cristin said...

That's a sweet poem. I really needed to read that today. I have felt like I can't keep my house clean and the constant screaming is driving me nuts.

ABW said...

that is a beautiful poem. did you write it?

rachael said...

that is a great pic! thanks for playing !