Thursday, October 16, 2008

Being productive

For family home evening this week we discussed a talk from this months Ensign called, ‘Preparing Yourself for Marriage’. It was a great article and most of the advice given should be followed by everyone, married or not, young or old. We focused on three sections: 1. Be Happy, and I loved this quote: “Cultivate a cheerful attitude and the ability to laugh, even at yourself. A sour face and grumpy disposition(our kids acted out this part showing us there many facial expressions…they’re so talented! J) are truly a gruesome burden to impose on roommates and others. Get a handle on your moods. Learn how to act better than you feel. Some might ask, ‘Isn’t that hypocritical?’ Certainly not. You might not be able to choose how you feel, but you can choose how you act.”(Doesn’t this sound A LOT like C.S. Lewis? I love it!) 2. Create Order and 3. Become Productive, and from this third section we put together our own list of ideas of things that each of us(minus Annabelle) want to work on right now in order to become more productive. Elisabeth does really well with visual aids and she loves being asked questions so she loved this activity. Charles was a bit young but he still offered an idea( well he just copied Dad’s, but that’s okay). Since Monday night’s family home evening lesson I’m pleased to report that we’ve all done something productive from our list J.

Speaking of being productive, here is another cake that I did Tuesday for dear sweet Karen(from my mom again the gem):

On top it says, 'to my favorite poetess'


Robin said...

Way to go on the cake! You make them look so easy, but I know they aren't. Also, great job on the FHEs. We are nowhere near being able to sit down and have a discussion as an FHE right now, but maybe some day :).

Katie said...

Wow, great cake. One day Karen is going to tell me all her secrets to looking so young...

Your kids are getting so big and your boy is the spitting image of his Dad!

Good to see you again!