Thursday, June 12, 2008

Play mat

Today I was telling my neighbor Maren that I'd like to find a play mat for baby Annabelle so that she could entertain herself a little. She happened to have one in storage that we could borrow. So I took it home, set it up, laid her down and then walked into the kitchen to warm up dinner (I love having leftovers, they're so fast and easy!) and a few minutes later I went in to check on her and this is how I found her:
Fast asleep! It turns out that Annabelle is not so entertained by this cute little play mat after all. Perhaps it's an acquired taste. Unfortunately, If she ends up liking it in the future I figure the only time I'd be able to safely pull it out and allow her to use it is if her older siblings are asleep because they enjoy sandwiching Annabelle and aggressively whacking at all the toys.


Ben & Casey said...

We've got the same problem in our house. William loves to squish in next to Henry on the play mat. A few minutes later poor Henry has been squished all the way out onto the floor!

rachael said...

she is so cute!