Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting ready for the morning

This morning we went on a walk with Maren and got home around 10:10; we were supposed to meet others at the park at 10:30 but we ended up getting there closer to 11:30. I'm not usually a 'late' person because generally I give ourselves plenty of time to get ready and going but today things didn't quite go that way. The kids just wanted to do there own thing. I decided I probably had two choices: 1.) I could rush, rush, rush them which causes me a lot of stress or 2.) I could turn on the music and we could dance while I got ready. We choose option 2.

And Miss Annabelle pushed up in the corner of her bassinet, just listening.
Here is a short video. It may appear to be a bit chaotic at home, but it's really not. We have fun!

We had a very pleasant time at the park. Annabelle rolled over for the first time,well, first time that I actually witnessed. Charles found a stick, stood on top of a metal garbage can holder thing (don't know what the actual name is for those things, sorry), aimed his stick at cars and was shooting or something. He was there doing that, by himself, for probably an hour. Elisabeth found another little girl to play with and ran around with her. When a man in a kilt started playing his bagpipe she and several other children gathered around him and danced. The last time I remember seeing and hearing a bagpiper might have been when I was visiting Canada years and years ago...and what a treat, to hear him in our little town in Utah.


LINDSAY said...

that video is hilarious--it reminds me a lot of our house. That is the easiest way for me to get the kids ready in the morning...turn on music and have them dance along the way!

April said...

I like your philosophy, E. Better to have everyone cheerful and be late. Cute video!

rachael said...

that was such a fun little movie. so cute!