Sunday, June 15, 2008

Favorite Dad pictures

Happy Father's Day! I am so grateful for the example of good and righteous men. You are very much needed today and I appreciate all that you do. I'm so grateful to my husband for the wonderful man, husband and father that he is. I am so grateful for my own dad and for Scott's dad for the example that they set for us to follow.

In honor of Father's Day, I've gone through and selected some of my favorite pictures of Dad's in action. Enjoy!
new dadhelping Elisabeth walkteaching Elisabeth to wash the car
Dad of 2Grandpa in Hard hat playing with Elisabeth
Grandpa playing the guitar with ElisabethDads
Dancing with the kids
roasting smores with Elisabetheating popcorn balls with the kids
helping the kids build a snowman
Dad of 3Kisses for Annabelle
Grandpa with his sweet girls


Angela said...

Thanks Elisa, that was so sweet:)

rachael said...

All these pictures are so cute. you are so good!