Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father-son campout and girls night!

Last night Scott took Charles to Lehi for the annual Father-son ward campout. Charles was really excited to sleep in a tent with a sleeping bag(his first time)next to Daddy. They ate tin foil dinners which consisted of potatoes, chicken and carrots all cut up into bite size pieces. Here is a picture of Charles in our tiny little two man tent. I personally think it's more the size of a one man tent but Scott says I'm thing is for sure though: you'll be nice and cozy if there's two of you!
Meanwhile, Elisabeth, Annabelle and I had a girls night! Elisabeth was in charge and this was our agenda: paint toenails(just Mommy and Elisabeth), put dresses/skirts on, go get an ice cream cone(we went to Arctic Circle and then she was able to play on the equipment for awhile), go to the library, go to a park and twirl around in our dresses, go home and set up a sleeping bag in Mommy's room for Elisabeth, do our normal night time routine, then play Dora Memory(we played 5 rounds of this!) and watch a couple of Cosby Show episodes. The only thing we didn't get to do was the library because we forgot that they close at 6pm on Friday. During our Cosby Show time the boys called and Charles and Elisabeth carried on a really cute conversation. I only got the last part on video...Elisabeth laughed A LOT when they first started talking, apparently it was pretty funny talking to Charles on the phone while he was in a tent.

This morning the boys stayed for breakfast and then came home. For breakfast they ate omelets and the way they cooked them was pretty cool. They had all the makings for omelets out on a table and you'd stick whatever you wanted into a plastic ziploc baggie, including the eggs, mix it all up in there and then stick the ziploc filled bag into a pot of boiling water and let it sit there for about 20 minutes and then it's ready to eat! Perhaps most people already knew about this way to make omelets, but I'm not much of a camper, only been a couple of times so everything is new and interesting to me! The kids slept pretty good last night though the parents didn't sleep quite as well. Both children either cry or talk in their sleep and so that kept Mom and Dad up for awhile. But overall, it was a very fun and memorable evening!


The Hornes'es said...

Wow - what a great memory for your kids Elisa!!! I am going to take so many pointers from you when I become a parent!! Father/son time is so important, just as Mother/Daughter (and the opposite, mother son, father daughter, etc) Theh role of both parents is vital!
Great post!

April said...

This is so great. I LOVE Elisabeth's agenda. Favorite part: go to the park and twirl around in our dresses.

I'll be excited to have a little girl sometime.