Monday, June 30, 2008

Elisabeth's 4 year wellness check

Elisabeth had her 4 year wellness check today with our doctor. Thanks Elisa for watching my other two for us during her appointment. I prepared her for the appointment by explaining some of the things they'd be doing so that there wasn't anything too shocking. I told her she'd be getting shots and that they would hurt, but that the pain would go away very quickly. Everything went surprisingly well, she didn't even cry when she got 2 shots! Amazing! Well, I did bribe her a little...I told her that if she was good during her appointment and would be still for her shots then afterwards we could...(I had her fill in the end of my sentence and she choose to get an ice cream cone from McDonalds, which is what we did). Elisabeth is very healthy, she still has her heart murmur but that's not a worry for us. She got that checked out at the Children's Hospital at the University of Washington last year and the specialist told us that 100% of all children have functional heart murmurs at one time or another and to just forget it because there was nothing wrong with her heart. Here are her stats:
Weight: 32 lb. 13 oz = 27%
Height: 3' 3"= 23%
Body Mass Index: 15.5 = 53%

Now she only needs two more shots before kindergarten which she'll get when she turns 5 next year and then after that she won't need to get shots again until she's 11! Hooray!


Rachel Lassen said...

I am so glad your kids are so healthy, just like their mom=) I am so sorry we missed Elisabeths party!! I totally spaced it. things have been a little bit crazy since we got here. We are still trying to adjust to the constant go go go that are lives have turned into since we got home!! It is a welcome change though. We would love to get together with you guys some time soon!! Elisabeths cake was absolutely amazing. I have no idea how you do all that. You are very talented and creative. It looks like everyone had a blast at the party and that it went really well!! Hope to see you guys soon!!

Robin said...

Amazing cake! I'm glad Elisabeth is doing well and had a fun day :).

carrie r. said...

I didn't realize Elisabeth was so petite for her age. My mom is only 5'2" and was always smaller than other kids, but she was really feisty and when other kids said something about her being small she would say "dynamite comes in small packages!" I thought that was cute. Elisabeth seems pretty bubbly and outgoing and I can see her having a personality like my mom's. :)