Thursday, June 26, 2008

Outdoor photo shoot with Charles

Today at the park there was a tractor with a claw parked out in a nearby field. When we go to parks Charles likes to wander, he doesn't usually play on the equipment for too long, and so he wandered over near this claw and found a shovel lying around and started digging. I grabbed Maren's camera(thanks for being prepared Maren :)) and followed him over for a little photo shoot. He was very obliging and let me take several pictures of him on the claw with happy smiles. But after about the 3rd pose he was ready to quit. I had one more that I wanted to take but he decided that he was done and put on his grumpy face.
Me begging, "Please Charles, can I get one more smile? Can I see your beautiful white teeth?"
I think his posture and facial expression gave a pretty clear answer that he wasn't going to comply:
"Please Charles. I'll put a bean in your jar."And yes, I am a mom who frequently bribes her children.


kelley said...

LOL. I like the "grumpy face" picture. It looks like you were giving him modeling inspiration like... "give me happy! now, excited! show the camera some love! now give me surly! spot on! you're a beaut!"

berrymom said...

What an ideal place for little boy pictures. I love the after bribe grin!

Maryann said...

Those are some fun pictures! I should do that with David, we have a lot of construction going on around here... What a good idea.

MarieC said...

I sure miss Charles flirting with me over the back of the bench in sacrament meeting! He's getting so big!

Bribery is great. Sadly, as they get older, the bribes get more expensive. Turning in all his homework is worth $5/week to Jason; getting a B or better in Spanish III each quarter was worth $50 to Eldon. Thankfully, Grandma & Grandpa bankrolled both of those bribes! :-)