Monday, June 23, 2008

Annabelle is 4 months old!

I can't remember if I mentioned that we were able to get Annabelle on her own separate insurance, but we did. It's an extra $75/month but it covers wellness checks and immunizations though there is a $20 copay. Once we get through December we can cancel her separate insurance and add her on our family insurance through Scott's work. Her insurance has been effective since June 1st so today we were able to take her in for her 4 month wellness check(thanks Maren for watching our oldest two)! Her stats are as follows:
Weight: 13lb. 3 oz. = 35%
Height: 25.2 inches = 81 %
Head circumference: 41.2 cm = 52%

She received 5 immunizations in 3 shots and one oral immunization. She didn't like the shots of course, but she did very well. She was tired once we got home and quickly fell asleep. I put her on her back, but here she is, sleeping on her tummy and sucking her fingers.

Annabelle is a healthy and beautiful baby. She rolls over, coo's, smiles, laughs, sucks her fingers, sleeps through the night, is a terrific napper and nurser and has such a sweet and easy temperament. We sure love our sweet Annabelle.

Here are a couple short videos of Annabelle that we took within the last week. The first shows her cooing and in the second you get a little bit of her laugh...also notice her facial expression when Charlie gets too close, she doesn't like to have her space invaded :).


ABW said...

charles and elisabeth crack me up in the last video. annabelle is going to have her hands full;)

April said...

It will be so fun for your little ones to see this when they are older. Cute.

Maryann said...

Children grow so fast! I love reading the things your children say on the side. It has helped me be more aware and write down those cute little things mine say.

JP said...

Cute videos, what a little sweetie. It's so cute how Elisabeth makes her laugh and Charlie makes her nervous. I don't blame her!I can't believe she's already 4 months - that means our girls are only 5 months apart! It will be fun when we can all get together again.