Friday, April 18, 2008

Insurance complications

A few weeks ago we got something in the mail which led me to believe that we might need to pay for Annabelle's hospital bill. So Scott called the human resources person from work and found out that we were supposed to add Annabelle to our insurance within 30 days of her birth and since we didn't(at that point we were at 40 days after her birth) it is impossible for us to add her this year. So we'll get stuck with her hospital bill which is around $14oo and thank goodness for the tax rebate that they're doing this year because that will cover her bill. So now we're searching for another insurance to add her to just for this year. It won't be anything expensive, just for emergencies, which hopefully we won't have any of. It won't cover well child visits or immunizations which she's supposed to have lots of this year. I checked into how much each well child visit and immunizations cost if you're paying out of pocket and it ends up being around $100 just for the visit and then each shot is around $50-$80. I looked into some other options and found out that our local health clinic gives immunizations for $5/shot so we'll be taking advantage of that this year and then we'll probably just make one appointment for a well child visit around 6 months of age instead of at 2, 4, 6 and 9 months of age.

Yesterday I took her in to the health center and she received 6 vaccines in three shots and one as an oral liquid. I feel bad that because her parents messed up she won't have the normal statistics records with height/weight that our other children got so I decided to do that on my own. On our home scale she weighs 10 pounds and is 24 inches long. Online I found an infant growth chart percentile calculator which put her in the 15% for weight and 87% for height which are average percentages for our children.
According to 'Doctor Mom', Annabelle is a beautiful, healthy and happy baby. We love her so much and are very grateful for the sweet spirit that she brings into our home.


Clark Family said...

Insurance problems always stress me out. It sounds like you are handling it well, and have it all figured out. Good for you for sticking with the immunizations and measuring her on your own!!

Robin said...

I am continually amazed at how calmly you handle these difficult situations. I would be a mess I think! I can't wait for out little girls to get to meet each other!

carrie r. said...

Oh yuck. So sorry to hear this! This happened to us when Georgia was born too. Nobody told me that my pregnancy insurance (which covered an "unborn" child) would not carry over to cover everything that happened in the hospital involving labor and delivery, including taking care of my living child. I had no idea! So we had to pay for her bills too, which was rough for us, but we were able to make payments. Luckily, we had no problem getting her well visits covered after that since Adam was still a student with no career yet, so Medicaid picked her up and covered that.

I am with Robin though, its great how you post about these things without criticizing or blaming anyone, with such a positive attitude! I am definitely guilty of posting to vent my negative feelings, but your blog always reminds me to look on the bright side.

Ben & Casey said...

Isn't it amazing how Heavenly Father blesses us in the littlest things? Having children is expensive but I think it is also an act of faith. Every time we have added a child to our family, Heavenly Father has blessed us with the ability to care for that child. Ben and I joke that we'll never be wealthy because the amount of money we make is tied to the number of kids we have. :)

Thinking of it as a "complication" is such a great thing. You have a wonderful attitude.

Mary said...

Darn it all, insurance is such a hassle. But Annabelle is certainly beautiful and healthy, and you are doing a great job!