Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daddy's in Florida

Scott left for Florida yesterday for some training with his work. His family was supposed to fly back to NC yesterday but I talked Angela and Krissy(though Krissy will mostly be in Provo visiting old friends since she recently returned from her mission in Germany) into staying with me until Scott returns so they'll be with us through Saturday. Since Daddy's gone, but has access to a lap top, I thought I'd post some pictures so that he can see what we're up to. Today we went to Target and Grandma let Elisabeth pick out a fingernail polish and then this evening she painted Elisabeth's fingernails.
I put Annabelle in the saucer for the first time today(she's 2 months now), but she's still a bit wobbly so I stuck a stuffed animal(kangaroo)in the seat with her to help hold her in place. She really liked being able to sit up straight and look around. But I couldn't keep her in there for too long because the other two kids couldn't seem to help themselves from spinning her around and aggressively playing with all of her toys on the saucer which was scaring her. And here's a picture of beautiful Elisabeth that I took earlier on this week. We love you Daddy and miss you heaps!
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Rachel Lassen said...

Hey Elisa, Wow what a great blessing that Scott and his Dad are so handy and able to do all those home improvement projects! That will add great value to your home. I'm so glad that you had nice weather and were able to go fly a kite that is one of our favorite things to do down here in Texas. It is to bad that Scott has to be gone, but so great that you have his sisters there to help you. That is priceless to have that help! It looks like you are all doing great. As long as we find people to fill our lease we will be home in Utah by June 12th at the latest. Cross your fingers and Pray that we find a good family to take our place. You guys are great and we can't wait to see you all and to Meet Annabelle in person!! talk to you soon!

carrie r. said...

Maybe it's just me, but in some pictures I think that Georgia and Elisabeth look quite a bit alike!