Friday, April 18, 2008


The thing I wanted most for my birthday was to be able to go to the church cannery to build up food storage for our family and today it happened! Angela and Krissy watched the kids, I drove to the airport, picked up Scott and then we went to the cannery in SLC (they always take walk-ins) and canned a bunch of food. I used the birthday money that my parents sent, so thanks mom and dad for that! Scott and I had a really good time and the kids did well with Grandma and Aunt Krissy. It feels so good knowing that we have food in storage for the future when times get rough. We definitely don't have a years supply for our entire family yet, but we're working on it.


ABW said...

it sounds fun! we want to get out and do it too!maybe you could take us one of these days and show us the ropes.

berrymom said...

Way to go! I think it feels so good to have food storage. Good job!