Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow track

The kids each have their own little snow shovels that we picked up at Walmart for a few dollars and they LOVE to help me shovel the snow, so our front drive and sidewalk stay pretty clear. The other day we decided we'd go out back and shovel our concrete patio just because the sun was shining, I was hoping it'd help get this baby out, and we didn't really have anything better to do. When I opened the back door and took a step out my calf was hidden in the snow. I decided I'd better get to work and start some sort of path that the kids could follow, but man, it was hard! We cleared about half of the patio but by that point I was pretty exhausted so we decided to just make a little trail around the other half so that they could bring their little cars out of the garage and ride them around in a circle. It ended up being a nice little car track that kept them happy and busy for quite some time.


Rachel Lassen said...

Elisa, I cannot believe you are due in a week that is so crazy!! I am so excited to see your new little one. The last week can seem like forever. Your are getting creative with finding ways to start contractions though. Shoveling tons of snow is one way to try and induce labor!

Maren said...

Good Idea!

Mary said...

This is so fun. We seriously need someone to shovel us a path to OUR car. I can't wait to meet baby number three-- come on, baby girl!