Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby accessories

These are a few of my favorite things:

Boppy Pillow and Nursing Cover
The nursing cover is cool because not only does it have an adjustable neck strap and a boning piece at the top so you can easily see your baby, but it also has an adjustable reel that velcros from one side and around your back to the other so that it stays in place.
The boppy pillow is nice for nursing such a small baby and for letting her lay around.

Moby baby carrier/wrap
(Don't get confused by this picture, it's not really me, I definitely don't look that good yet :). I just don't have any pictures of me with my moby.)

A friend wrote about this on her blog(thanks Casey!) and I decided that I needed one too and they are great! I use it around the house, when I go on walks(I push the other two in our double stroller), and when we're out running errands. It's the perfect solution to freeing up both of your hands but have a baby that wants to be close.

bouncer chairI keep our bouncer on the counter in our kitchen. She sits in it during mealtimes.

Thank goodness for all these wonderful modern conveniences! Without them I'm sure I'd feel even more busy and stressed as a mom of three under four years of age.


Angela said...

Elisa, Those things are great. I saw both of them not too long ago only the nursing cover I saw was called a Hooter Hider! LOL

Rachel Lassen said...

Elisa, those were also some of my favorite things when I had Hannah. Anything to make nursing and having little infants to carry around easier is worth a whole lot. You look great and Annabelle is adorable!

Stacie said...

I've never seen that carrier wrap but it looks cool...it also looks confusing to use. I definitely need to get one of those nursing covers when the next one comes around.

Cristin said...

Maybe I'll look into one of those Moby carrier/wraps. I've tried them in the past but they always hurt my back, but now with two kids I'm thinking it will be a necessity.

Ben & Casey said...

I'm so glad you like the Moby. It's a life saver in this house! :)

rachael said...

elisa, thanks for letting me come and hold annabelle she is so cute! what a beautiful baby !

ABW said...

i have to say that blair and i still use the boppy on a daily basis, it saves backs! next go round i will have to find one of those "hooter hiders" for myself, yours is so cute!

berrymom said...

I love those nursing covers! A friend of mine just let me borrow one today, and it is the greatest! I am going to attempt to make one...we will see how that goes! That carrier wrap looks neat...is it hard to put on? It looks a bit confusing.

Mary said...

I do want one of those nursing covers! You will especially love it in the summer. Hyrum was sweating to death under a blanket all summer. For our next baby, I think I'm going to get one!

So really, how is it having three kids? We will be there one day (not yet, I promise!) and I find myself wondering HOW on earth I will take care of three. Two makes sense to me-- one for Dave, one for me-- but three? How does anyone have three kids? It is kind of hard for me to fathom. One day (in all your free time, hahaha!) you should email me and tell me your thoughts on the matter. How far apart are Elisabeth and Charles? Charles and Annabelle?