Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday Scott(Daddy)!

Ten things we love about our man:

1. "I love to play with daddy. I love to ride on him."-Elisabeth
Wherever I am in the house, I always know when Scott walks in the door from work because the kids go wild with excitement! He takes them into his arms and gives them lots of love and then he gets on his hands and knees and plays with them.
2. Scott is very smart and is a hard worker. We met in college at BYU and he just got his masters degree from UW this past June, and during this whole time he has also worked to support our family.
3. He is definitely a family man. Even with all the school work and job work that he has to do, he always manages to have plenty of time for us and we love every minute of it! When daddy is home, it's heaven on earth!
4. He's a good example to us in many ways. He's always improving himself and never finds fault with the rest of us so of course we are very willing to follow his loving example.
5. Scott served a mission in Italy and the Elders mostly cooked for themselves which is a blessing to us because he is great in the kitchen! He's a terrific cook and baker.
6. When Scott is home, he's always helping me out with things. He helps take out the trash, change diapers, get the kids bathed and ready for bed, cooks, helps with dishes, happily folds laundry (I think he uses this more of an excuse to watch a little sports on tv while folding, but that's okay with me:)), and much more.
7. He is loving. He can be so tender and sweet and he loves to see us happy. He supports me and the kids with our different projects and activities.
8. He starts and finishes projects. This goes along with him being a hard worker, he's not one to just sit around and do nothing. He likes to have projects to keep him busy when he has free time, he likes to improve our surroundings which we also benefit from.
9. He's patient. This is part of what makes him a good teacher and loving father and husband.
10. He took me to the temple and gave me a beautiful and eternal family.


Stacie said...

That was really sweet Elisa! I'm glad you got such a good one. Happy Birthday Scott! I love all the pictures--the "in action" shots are great, and really exemplify what he is like. I especially love the shot of the two of you near the birthday cake--so cute!

rachael said...

happy birthday scott! elisa this is so cute! good job , what a cute idea!

The Hornes'es said...

Elisa! It's Heidi Corbin from highschool! I have been enjoying your blog, but could never post cause I didn't have an account. But Scott (my hubby) and I are starting one!
You look like you're doing fantastic - you have the most beautiful children in the world!!!

Keep in touch! Here's our link
I have no idea how to use it yet! :-)
Talk soon!

Angela said...

Elisa what a wonderful husband you have. He must have terrific parents!:) Thanks for posting that for his birthday. It warms my heart to know that my son is such a good husband and father. He had a good example in his dad.
We love you guys!

Mary said...

Happy birthday, Scott!! That was a sweet post. I think that your home is beautiful and one day in like 10 years, maybe we'll have one too! I bet you are in heaven in that beautiful kitchen!!

Maren said...

Happy Birthday! Man, you must be old. That's okay though. Good times, great oldies.

carrie r. said...

What a blessing to have a loving husband and father who does so much and so willingly.

Happy Birthday Scott!

kelley said...

What an awesome brother I have! I echo my mom in that he had great parents that learned him good! You have such a wonderful family and it was good to see yall for a little bit. Trevor noted that yall were "such good people" and it's true. See you soon!

Ben said...

Let me add another one-Scott is very humble, even when he loses in the AFC Championship game because my special teams recovered an onside kick in his endzone.