Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Book Reviews

Over the past couple of months I've been reading a few of Scott Westerfeld and Shannon Hale books. Scott Westerfeld wrote the Uglies series which include:



These books take place in the future, some of the things Westerfeld has come up with are neat, but some are really weird and creepy. It's basically about a civilization in which everyone has an operation when they turn sixteen, making them extremely beautiful. Big eyes, full lips, no one fat or skinny.... the rationalization is that everyone is equal and there won't be any prejudices against types of people. It seems like an okay thing, but you later find out why it's not. I read these through pretty quick, wanting to know what would happen, but overall I really didn't like them. Of the three I thought the first one was the best, Uglies, it was actually pretty good. Pretties was okay, but it started to get a little dark and the Specials I didn't enjoy at all but just needed to get through it to see how the author decided to close everything. I don't think I'm a really picky or hard critic...I like most books as long as they're squeaky clean...and though the Uglies were pretty clean the last two books made me feel weird, I hated that there were 'cutters' (people who cut themselves for a rush or to think clearly) and other kinda wacko things like that.

I read Shannon Hale's Goose Girl and Princess Academy after receiving recommendations through comments on my last book review blog. I really liked these books. Between the two, I liked Goose Girl best. They were entertaining, really clean, had sweet love stories and the legends behind them were pretty interesting.


April & Blair said...

Elisa, I envy you for your ability to read so quickly. You are amazing to me in more ways than one!

Brian, Maren & Brigham said...

I obviously agree on the Uglies series. And i am excited to try some Shannon Hale. Thanks for posting the book reviews. I like those posts because then I get your book tips. Pre-screened media is the best.

The Frosts said...

I am a huge Shannon Hale fan! Her books are so cute. I have loved every one of them except for Austenland - it was still clean I just didn't care for the plot that much. It was a good fluff read though.