Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30 minutes!

When I got my elliptical machine for Christmas I started out exercising with it for about 10-15 minutes a day. My goal has been to work up to half an hour and I'm pleased to announce that I made it to 30 minutes yesterday! It's a little bit more difficult when you're 9 months pregnant, it took me extra time to get to this point, but now I'm feeling great! The key for me is to keep my mind busy while I'm working out. For the first 15 minutes I read general conference talks and then I usually put in one of my Cosby Show DVD's (thanks Kelley!) during the last half of the's nice that the kids enjoy the Cosby Show too.

Today I read a really good talk that President Hinckley gave during the Priesthood session and since the women don't attend that, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite quotes. The talk is titled, Slow to Anger.

"It is when we become angry that we get into trouble.....So many of us make a great fuss of matters of small consequence. We are so easily offended. Happy is the man who can brush aside the offending remarks of another and go on his way. Grudges, if left to fest, can become serious maladies. Like a painful ailment they can absorb all of our time and attention."

I know that I am guilty of being angry at times, though I'm continually praying for more patience. And I know that things that I do and say sometimes anger others, though I hope they know that I don't do this on purpose...I suppose I just have one of those personalities that others get offended by easily. I'm not easily offended and so I tend to think everyone is this way and then I express my opinions freely and I get myself into trouble. I'll see what I can do to work on that. President Hinckley shared inspirational verses written by Charles W. Penrose :

"School thy feelings, O my brother;
Train thy warm, impulsive soul.
Do not its emotions smother, But let wisdom's voice control.
School thy feelings; there is power
In the cool, collected mind.
Passion shatters reason's tower,
Makes the clearest vision blind...."


Jamie said...

you? angry? I don't believe it for one instant.

The Frosts said...

Dang girl. You are killing me WORKING out at 9 months pregnant. I am totally impressed. Love the quotes you posted, we can all use those little reminders.

rachael said...


Maren said...

That is amazing! Yes I know people, including crazies like you, CAN exercise that much at the end of pregnancy, but doesn't that break your back? Mostly I am shocked because I am a big lazy and have a hard time making myself go on the treadmill for 15 min. You have my admiration for sure.

The Taylor Bunch said...

You're almost there E! Call me!

Mary said...

I am SO impressed that you can exercise during pregnancy! Nice work! What kind of elliptical do you have??