Saturday, December 1, 2007

Too Much Snow!

This morning we woke up to a ton of snow! We shoveled the driveway and sidewalks and by the time we were finished they were covered again and within an hour or so you could barely tell that we'd even been out there! Scott and the kids made a snowman which is something the kids have been wanting to do for some time now but our previous snows this year weren't quite enough to make a snowman. While they were putting him together Elisabeth kept asking if he was going to talk :)(we own Frosty the Snowman, so I think that's where that idea came from). We all had fun, though Charles kept falling down in it and after awhile he got pretty wet and cold and didn't want to be out in it any longer.

In my adult opinion, I think it's fun to have snow for a day or so if it's on a weekend and you don't have to go out, but I hate driving in snow, it's so scary especially when you have little ones in the car. Last year when we were living in Washington it started snowing and I decided me and the kids would drive out to my parents house (30 minute drive). The drive started out fine because we had hardly any snow where I lived but once we got within about 5 minutes of my parents house there was a lot more snow and it was slippery(they don't really clear the roads there) and Seattle has tons of hills everywhere and I had to drive up this HUGE hill and I got stuck on it for awhile and the kids were in the back and Elisabeth started crying because she was scared since we couldn't move. That was a nightmare. We ended up staying at my parents house for several days because I refused to drive in it until most everything had melted. Snow used to be so much fun when I was a kid: school was always canceled, even if we only got an inch, so we'd go sledding, build snow forts and when we got so cold that we couldn't stand it anymore we'd go home, and mom would have a fire all stoked and ready and hot chocolate to drink. Oh, the good ole' days :).


Stacie said...

In my good ol' days, there was no snow because I grew up in Arizona! We had a huge storm tonight too, and unfortunately I had to drive in it. I promptly got in an accident about three minutes after leaving the house. Not a big one--I rear-ended a guy who I slid into--I just couldn't stop even though I was trying so hard and was being so careful. Live and learn I guess. This was our first real snowstorm, and I'm afraid I got off to a bad start. :o( Hope your snow clears soon!

Mary said...

I do love the snow if you can stay hunkered down inside. I don't like to go out and drive in it! Now it's even worse-- they have ICE storms out here. Everything here is covered with ice!

Maren said...

I heard you were out there shoveling snow, by yourself! What in the world was Scoot doing? Making snow angels?

And I am sorry about your snow-hill-car-stuck thing. I would have had a heart attack on the spot.

Scott said...

I was with your husband in a meeting!!