Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Activities

Last weekend we attended our ward Christmas party and dinner. The kids loved hitting the pinata; unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them actually hitting it.

Yesterday I finally got to try making these candied pecans:
Scott's mom makes them during the Christmas season and we LOVE them, they're addicting! And what makes them even better is that there are only two ingredients(so it's super easy), pecans and pure maple syrup, and so there is no added sugar either.

Last night we made gingerbread houses with a couple of other families at the Wilcox's. The kids did great and ate a lot of candy :)...well Charles ate a lot of candy, and Elisabeth enjoyed helping me decorate and playing with the babies.And here are all of the final products:


Vanessa said...

I think I can guess which house you decorated:)

Maren said...

Man, who decorated that fabulous house in the middle?! She must be an R-Teast!