Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Book Reviews

Our ward has started a book club, I haven't actually been able to attend yet because I've had time conflicts, but I'm reading the books they've assigned and hopefully next month I'll be able to participate in the discussion. The first book was The Secret Life of Bees. A lot of people like this book, I'm just not one of them. There was too much bad language and meanness in the book, and I know that's how people talk and how things really were back in that time, but I'd rather fill my mind with something else. (Does anyone know of a website where I can check out the content of a book before I read it....for movies I check screenit.com, and I'm hoping that there's something like that out there for books)

Right now we're reading The Gift. It's Richard Paul Evans newest fiction novel and I really liked it. There's a little bit of romance but mostly it's a nice story about a sweet boy who was given a special gift of healing and the way he chooses to use that gift is admirable.

Next month we'll be reading Twilight which of course I've blogged about before because I LOVE that book, and I know that many of you love that book as well. I've also recently read a cute romantic comedy novel titled, Austenland. I'm pretty sure that one was written by a young LDS woman, and it's a fun fast read. I'm currently reading Emma by Jane Austen but it's taking me awhile, partly because, so far, Emma is portrayed as very materialistic and vain and it's kind of irritating to read. I'm hoping that characteristic will die down as I get further into the book, otherwise it may take me a very long time to finish.


Ben & Casey said...

I had the same problem with Emma. I thought she was shallow and uninteresting.

Like you said, I really hope someone knows of a site to review books before reading them. I agree that it is really frustrating to read words/scenes that are icky. It makes it really difficult to want to read new fiction.

Jamie said...

Shannon Hale has another cute book out. Goose Girl. It is really, really cute.

JP said...

I LOVED the Twilight series too. Thanks for the advice on the other books. I'm looking for a new read and this helps!

Courtney Baird said...

Goose Girl is a great book! I highly recommend it.

There's a website out there called goodreads.com. People rate books that they have read. It's been helpful to me to find some good books. Lots of people from our ward are members, so you can see what they are reading and what they liked.

The Taylor Bunch said...

Shannon Hale is a great author. She is actually a BYU graduate I believe. She has a few great books out. I LOVE the book Princess Academy. Ellie will be reading it when she is in middle school.