Thursday, December 6, 2007

30 weeks

Today I had my glucose screening test and normal checkup so we were at the doctor's office for just over an hour. The kids did really good, they colored, and ate fishy crackers and fruit snacks. After our appointment we went to the post office to mail off a package and I gave them each lollipops to suck on while we waited in line (they're SO busy this time of year, no matter what time of day!) and so of course they did really well there too. Overall, we've had a pleasant morning despite all of the boring and long errands/appointments.

I'm feeling great, no aches or pains, though I am getting huge(which I know is normal but I still don't like it) so I've been trying to eat better and keep up my exercise; I always feel guilty for eating so much junk after Thanksgiving...and I'm sure I will again after Christmas :). It's freezing cold outside but I'm still forcing myself to exercise(beyond chasing 2 kiddos around) at least 4-5 times a week...though of course I'm exercising inside. I have three work out videos that I've been rotating and I've put another one on hold at the library(a prenatal yoga video) so hopefully that will come in soon because I need something a little different. One of my three videos is advanced Tae Bo with Billy Blanks which is pretty hard to do with a huge 7 month belly like mine, though I have modified several exercises from that video but I still don't know if I'm being completely safe. Another is a 30 minute pregnancy workout with Denise Austen(this one doesn't even get my heart rate up a little bit), and the last is a normal yoga video which is good but again, there are a lot of positions that I have to modify and I'm not completely sure that all the other things I'm doing are quite safe. I've been reading reviews of prenatal workout videos on and there's one that I'd really like to try because it's supposed to be fairly challenging even for those who exercise regularly and vigorously. If any of you are curious the name of the lady who does these videos is Erin O'brien. For those of you who continue to exercise during pregnancy, please feel free share some of the things you do. Ten more weeks to go!


Rachel Lassen said...

Elisa good for you for staying in shape and exercising during pregnancy. It is so hard especially when you have other children. Keep up the good work!! You always look great!!

Rachel Lassen said...
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Ben & Casey said...

Good job on the exercising. I'm impressed! I wish I had some great advice... but all I did was chase the kids around and nap. Does napping count? :)